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Example Waste Composition Study

ReThink Waste

(South Bayside Waste Management Authority)

                             -San Carlos, CA

The SBWMA is a joint powers authority of twelve member agencies in San Mateo County, California.   The SBWMA oversees solid waste collection and recycling services to its member agencies.  It also oversees the operation of the Shoreway Recycling and Disposal Center that receives approximately 430,000 tons of solid waste and recycling materials per year.


Quarterly Contamination Measurements

SBWMA selected Sloan Vazquez to conduct quarterly waste characterizations for the residential recycling, commercial recycling,  commercial organics, and commercial plant material streams to determine if levels of contamination exceeded maximum amounts set forth in the franchise agreement for collection services between Recology and the SBWMA. The waste characterizations included the random selection of materials using a computerized randomizer, sorting and classifying the sampled material, recording the results and inputting into a database, and a final report summarizing the results of the project.


Municipal MRF Services Procurement

SBWMA selected Sloan Vazquez to assist them in the procurement process as they select contractor(s) to provide solid waste and recycling services including the design, acquisition, installation, and operation of their MRF.  Sloan Vazquez assisted the SBWMA by providing the analysis and ranking of proposes including financial analysis of their recycling revenue sharing offers.  Additional financial assessment where performed for alternative proposals offered by the incumbent proposer.

Outagamie County Recycling & Solid Waste Northeast Regional Landfill



               -Outagamie County, WI

Project Oversite, Coordination, Evaluation, and Review

Sloan Vazquez was selected to provide services related to recycling collection and processing, gas wellfield and gas delivery to power plant coordination, landfill development, envionmental monitoring review and implementation of other best management practices. The site was awarded SWANA's 2015 Excellence Bronze Award for landfill management.


Newby Island Regional MRF

(Republic Services)


                                 -San Jose, CA

Vendor Selection Analysis
Performance & Acceptance Testing

Republic Services selected Sloan Vazquez to conduct performance and acceptance testing for four separate processing systems in one plant. The equipment includes a 35 TPH residential single-stream system, a 20 TPH commercial single-stream system, a 33 TPH commercial dry refuse system and a 22 TPH commercial wet refuse system manufactured by Bulk Handling Systems, Inc.

City of Oceanside



                 -San Diego County, CA

Negotiation of Solid Waste & Recycling Agreement

The City of Oceanside engaged the services of Sloan Vazquez to negotiate its agreement with its existing solid waste and recycling services provider. Sloan Vazquez negotiated directly with the contractor and prepared a draft service agreement for use as a basis for negotiation. As a result of our negotiations, the City obtained significant service enhancements, rate adjustment containment guarantees and over $1,000,000 in new franchise revenue.

Austin Texas Regional MRF

(Balcones Resources)


                                     -Austin, TX

Feasibility Study, Proposal Preparation and Performance testing & start-up operations

Balcones Resources selected Sloan Vazquez to conduct a financial feasibility study and prepare a proposal in response to a municipal RFP. The project included MRF equipment conceptual design, MRF system procurement, MRF commissioning and performance and accepting testing, start-up operations supervision, presentations to the City, a participation in the municipal interview team and contract negotiations. The company selected a 15 TPH commercial single-stream system and a 22 TPH residential single-stream system manufactured by Bulk Handling Systems, Inc.

City of Mission Viejo                 



                     -Orange County, CA

Procurement of Municipal Solid Waste Services 

Mission Viejo selected Sloan Vazquez to oversee the procurement of solid waste and recycling services for the City.  Sloan Vazquez was responsible for development of the RFP, holding community meetings, evaluating proposals, qualifying proposers, and assisting the city in the selection of a contractor including the development of the final franchise agreement.   



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